Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What We Made: String Art

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that the kids and I were going to try a few different art projects this summer.   The first one we tried was string art.  You can find a complete tutorial and list of supplies here:

I asked the kids what shaped they would like to use, and then did a google search to find a template we could print.  Once you have chosen a shape, make marks at even intervals around the outline of the shape.  This is where your nails will go.   Once your template is marked, lay it on your plaque and hammer the nails in place.  The hardest part of this project is getting those little nails to go in straight!  If a few of them are a little crooked, it doesn't matter-trust me!

Once the nails are in place, remove the template.  You will have to rip it to get it off, so it cannot be used more than once.  
The tutorial calls for waxed cord, but we just used some thin crochet thread.  You start off by tying your string to one of the nails, and then going around the outline of your shape looping the string around each nail. Once you are back to where you started, it is time to fill in the center of your shape by looping the string around different nails either in a pattern or going back and forth randomly.  The three below were done in a pattern and the feather was done randomly. (for a better idea of how this is done, see the tutorial I listed above)

 Our finished plaques:

The feather below didn't turn out so well.  I think the shape was too complicated for this type of project.  My advice is to use a very simple shape, or if you want to use a more intricate pattern, plan on using a bigger plaque. The plaques we used were 5x7 and 5x5.  

A fairly simple project, with a really fun result!  Stay tuned, our next projects include hand carved stamps and print making!


Jessica Mullins said...

CUTE!!! I love them.

Jessica Mullins said...

CUTE!! I love them :)

Katie Ann Brooks said...

ha! I love string art and these are so fun and cool! I have been contemplating how to make this idea transfer to a card- thoughts? let's conspire! :)

Unknown said...

These are so awesome!

Erica said...

Great idea, Kaite! Brads in place of the nails maybe???

Rebecca said...

You guys did a great job on your string art!