Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hawaiian Shores/ Bermuda Bay comparison

Here is my comparison of the Hawaiian Shores line (by Papertrey Ink) and Bermuda Bay (by Stampin Up). The HS ink doesn't really match the HS paper in my opinion. The ink cube is more blue where as the paper is more green. I have smooshed my HS ink cube as suggested, but it is still too blue. I guess I should say MY ink cube doesn't match very well-I know others on the PTI forum are having better luck. To me, Hawaiian Shores and Bermuda Bay look like the same "color", one is just a few shades darker than the other. So, the bermuda bay ink will match the HS cardstock, but it is just a little darker. The HS ribbon looks fabulous with both the HS cardstock and the Bermuda Bay cardstock. I will continue to smoosh the cube and test it to see if it improves. I do have to say that even though my HS ink cube is not the same color as my cardstock, it is a nice shade of blue which I will still use, just with a different cardstock. I absolutely love PTI and appreciate all their hard work to make their customers happy. I enjoy having so many fun colors to work with from both Papertrey and Stampin Up. Sorry about the dark photos, but it is overcast here today.

ETA: I took the photo above before I labled the flowers. The cardstock and ink on the left is Hawaiian Shores. The cardstock and ink on the right is Bermuda Bay. The ribbon is Hawaiian Shores. In the photo below, HS is on the right and BB is on the left.

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Dana said...

Thanks for this comparison. I thought I was the only one having problems getting the HS ink to match the paper. I can see that your SU ink will be a much better match!