Saturday, February 12, 2011

PTI Onesies

I have a project to share today that doesn't involve any paper, but still uses some of my favorite PTI supplies. I embellished the onesies below for my sister-in-law who is due in May. I drew her name for Christmas and she said she wanted baby items. Since there weren't any summer clothes in the stores, I got out my ribbon and buttons and set to work on some plain white onesies.

I don't know a whole lot about crocheting, but I learned how to crochet these little flowers from a You-Tube video (I had to rewind it alot!). I really wanted to crochet a pair of booties to match, but I felt that was way beyond my crocheting capabilities at the moment. So instead, I finished up the gift with some cute little teeny tiny pink socks, a rattle and a super soft blanket in the same white/aqua/pink color scheme.

P.S. In case anyone shares my husbands concerns: Yes, the buttons are sewn on very securely! and No, I don't know if the aqua crocheted flower will bleed when washed (oops!). Thanks for stopping by!
Ribbon and buttons-Papertrey Ink


Jill said...

What an adorable and thoughtful gift, Emm! I am very impressed that you learned to crochet the flowers from a YouTube video--I have tried the same thing but so far it's not "clicking." :-) The top onesie, with the ribbon treatment is just the cutest thing!

Keva said...

Erica, those are darling! You did a wonderful job on them. I can't believe you learned to crochet watching a You Tube video - it looks amazing. I might need to check that video out.

Rebecca said...

WOW! This are VERY cute! I just went to a baby shower today and wouldn't these have been the cutest gift.

And another WOW! I, too, am impressed you learned to crochet from a video. I would LOVE to learn how to crochet. Maybe after graduate school . . .